My technique to meditate is simple in its action, I would recommend a quiet place to start for example your bedroom or dining area choose a hard surface to sit on I normally start by sitting on the floor in a cross legged traditional position, use your phone for a timer or ideally a stop watch to avoid distractions, I would say start it for 5 mins to begin with as a marker it’s enough to start the process and get into a routine of meditation I would suggest doin this every day for a week then increase the time as you get more confident with, anyway so you started the process by first closing your eyes taking about 5 deep breathes to take you out of your current situation and feel really disconnected from the outside world, next literally all yoh need to do is let go watch your thoughts if you think about something it’s good just remember your not the thoughts it’s just like watch the TV except its your life your watching, your looking at you anxieties your stresses let it all go, remember if your starting this for the first time you will have alot of thoughts flying at you but just don’t be drawn iin into it and just refocus bring your attention back to the breathe, you will need to do this every day for 30 days to notice the difference its important to practise for 30 days to notice any difference, it’s one of life’s hacks and to master it is a step to greater things and self mastery, let me know how you get on any queries comment me.

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